SSWS23: Myth-busting Preconceptions and Advancing Aviation Forward

The aviation industry has a significant impact on the global economy by connecting businesses and individuals in a way that was previously thought impossible. In the UK alone, the sector supports 230,000 jobs, contributing £20b per annum to the economy.

Air transport reduces the time associated with traditional forms of transportation by allowing for the rapid movement of goods and services, leading to increased trade and investment, and creating opportunities for businesses and individuals all over the world.

In addition to its economic impact, the aviation sector also plays a vital role in social and cultural development by making it possible for people to experience different cultures from all over the globe, encouraging cooperation between nations. The aviation sector is inherently linked to tourism, which is a major source of revenue for many countries, the impact of which was especially highlighted during the pandemic.

Overall, the aviation sector is a key component of the global economy and has an extensive impact on social and cultural development.

The aviation sector is often thought of as the culprit when it comes to producing emissions, especially now that passenger numbers are returning to pre-Covid levels. In reality, the global aviation industry is responsible for just 12% of CO2 emissions from all transport sources, compared to 74% from road transport. (ATAG, 2020).

Pioneering technological advancements have made it possible to make jet aircraft well over 80% more fuel efficient per seat kilometre, compared to jets in the 1960s.

The aviation sector is surrounded by many outdated beliefs and it has come a long way in a very short period of time. Now, it is well and truly underway towards reaching its Net Zero goals by 2050.

Sustainable Skies World Summit 2023 will focus on myth-busting these and many other preconceptions, focusing on topics of SAF, carbon renewal, zero emissions, operation efficiency and the future of flight whilst exploring the proof of how technology is the solution to the future of the industry and not "flight abstinence”.

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